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Andrei in the office


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15 months, cute

Well, then... I guess he was born in Capitol Hill

With Aiden recovering on the couch today we decided tonight would make for a good movie night.

We discovered some film cravings missing from "The Library" which will soon be rectified.

While looking, however, something odd happened. Aiden (being held by H) started pointing at the collection.
"Would you like to pick the movie, tonight?" I asked.

Figuring he'd just connect with whatever DVD H walked to, it was an exercise in amusement.

However... Aiden's finger zeroed in on a specific DVD. It was obvious he'd picked one. Moreso when as we got closer he reached for the one he was pointing to and pulled it from the shelf. He'd pointed at the same one all the time.

Granted... it was the big pink one that stood out from the black and blue of the other jewel boxes.

So Aiden's selection tonight: "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"

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And then we asked him, "Aiden, do you want to watch Priscilla?" at which he laughed and grinned.

Well that movie does rock. :D



Reminds me of when Alan picked a book at a library book sale - the cover had an apple cut open by a knife, alas it was a mystery that neither Alan or I would have any interest in!

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