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All those Whos down in WhoVille

Usual drill:

Aiden maaaaayyy go down from 7-8ish... So we have to be wary of that.

Friday's Agenda

Doctor Who (Series 4) "The Unicorn and the Wasp" (Last week's; for the most part local fans were at Ave Q or in Greece)
Doctor Who (Season 26) "Survival" Part 2 (postponed from last week)
Doctor Who (Season 15) "Invasion of Time" Parts 5 & 6 (Probably while Aiden is being put to bed)
Doctor Who (Season 4) "Silence in the Library" (We may not get to this one as it's 1 of 2)

We'll probably be doing this more regularly.

Consider getting into fan mode for these things ;) (Dress up, wear buttons...SCARF!)

If you're not one of our regulars (and I know who that is) drop me a comment so I know who to expect.

Potluck food, snacks, drinks appreciated.

Crash space as avail by request
Tags: doctor who, fandom, media

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