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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

This would have ben more impressive 90 minutes ago.

Still shaking the last vestiges of June-Goo '08.

Tues/Thurs was the worst of this infestation. Which was really weird because I was utterly down for the count both days yet was functional in the office on Wednesday. Very weird.

Despite my hatred of the growing police state we live in, I signed away my life for some Pseudophedrine. The only think that kicks the crap out of severe congestion and flu for me.

The reason you have to sign for it now, is because some morons decided it was a great substance with which to make methamphetimines. And since the current US government treats its people as more likely to commit a crime than be honest, the drugs are no longer over the counter.

Amphetamines were known by another term in the 70s. Speed. Pseudophedrine is in fact related to amphetamines.

Which leads me back to this post.

We got in from Avenue Q last night around 11:30. I pretty much fell over in exhaustion congested to the back of my head at midnight. But not before taking to Pseudophedrine. At about 2:45 I woke up. Jittery and WIDE AWAKE.

This is not going to be very conducive for the rest of my day or weekend. I'm solo parenting "a" this afternoon and evening while "H" does mass. I obviously must be awake and focussed. This is humous while I sit here on a Saturday before 6am scratching at the feeling of the hair on my arms because I feel slightly like a strung out junky.

I suppose the good side of this is that I only get this wired on the stuff when it's reaching the end of its usefulness. Translation: If I take it easy today (and its a non-work day) I should be healthy by the time I go to sleep.

This would be exceedingly good because the mantra I have this weekend is, "When I awake tomorrow, Grecian travelers will be en route home."

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I sadly didn't know about pseudophedrine as an ingredient for methamphetamine and the limitations then placed on its sale until I was sick, dying to breathe and it was after 11pm; I couldn't find a store that had it available. I finally found an Albertsons where they were able to track someone down with keys to unlock the case for me to purchase a box. I had no idea, obviously, naive enough to think I could go to the store and get what I needed only to find out that someone had now made that difficult. Thanks.

I'm all about the Guifenisen/Mucinex. Tastes like crap, and you have to drink a lot of water, but it does amazing things for my slime. If the pills you take are little and red, they wire me so badly I can't sleep for days and give me a splitting headache!

Anyways, I hope you feel better soon and have fun with the kidlette.

pseudoephedrine wasnt doing anything for our goo-08. The doc put us on inhalers for asthma. Works good

I have the inhaler too for this darn goo... sudifed helps the congestion but not the lungs.

I had to switch to the "non-drying" version (liquid filled gel caps) to get any relief, as the other just dries me out too much. But only during the day, they don't let me sleep. BIG dose of Nyquil at night to knock me out. And, using a neti pot day and night, REALLY gets the goo out and speeds up getting over this stuff.

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