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Andrei in the office


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Why me?!?!?

Poor, poor boy

As you can see by the time.... it's... late.

Well, I guess it's only about 1:15 in the afternoon if you're in Greece ;)

Sadly here, we are experiencing a parental milestone.

The child has awoken us by sharing his unhappy stomach in bed with us.

Of course this begins with chaos RIPPING you from the warm embrace of unconsciousness.

You then move into controlled, battle mode. Making sure everything is cleaned, washed, changed while ABOVE ALL
keeping the scared toddler consoled.

That was at 2am.. it is 3:15 am. The scared, now stomach-empty boy is cherubically back to dream world.

I however, am still kicked on adrenaline and trying to make my eyes stop burning from the slowly clearing din of tainted air.

Great.. it takes vomit at 3am to help me turn a phrase.

I'll be sleeping in.. maybe

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My first experience with this was when Alison (equalinvain) came into the bedroom when she was about 2 or so and jarred me from sleep by exclaiming "I frowed up my sick"

At least he isn't "shit-cannoning". A term that I had to invent for my son. Basically, his stool would be loose and with the tension the diaper made on his butt cheeks, it formed a barrel of a cannon (two parts ass cheeks, one part diaper). So when he let loose, it had no where to go but up! It would go up his back, all over his clothes, the bed, etc.

Glad he hasn't done that in a LONG time. :)

Sorry Aidan is having problems. Such is life with a little one, though.

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