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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

An advert: Utterly hooked

I'm not one to typically post about FanVids. If you have access to digital footage and a cheap editting program they are relatively easy to put together.

But like many things you discover they're easy to learn, hard to master.

I've seen FanVids that are basically blasts of images to videos. Sometimes interpretive, usually just literal. I'm old enough to remember the horrible day that MTV showed every submission to the "Madonna: Make my 'True Blue'" video contest.

However, there is a Doctor Who fan who is a highly competent video editor on YouTube. Like many people on YouTube he's turned his postings into 'a channel'

I've placed his commercial below:

Some of his other noteworthy edits:
Spin-Off: The Gallifrey Chronicles (Starring William Hartnell)
Trailer: The Time War (Starring Paul McGann, Christopher Eccelston, and Tom Baker)
Tribute to the New Series: Edited retrospective of series 1-3
Episode Summary: Classic Series
Character: The Master
Character: Doctor 10 (Like you've never seen him before)

Edit Saved the best for last
Trailer: The NEW Two Doctors (starring Tom Baker and David Tennant) Wow

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Oh my god. The attack-of-the-true-blue-videos day was horrible. Most of the videos sucked, and the song was pretty awful too. I watched that for about a half hour and then voluntarily helped my mom with yard work instead. Of course, once they picked a winner, Madonna paid up and promptly went forward with her original video plans. And BOTH of them went into power play for way too long afterwards.

It wasn't so bad when I was at home, because I didn't actually watch much MTV. But when I visited my grandmother, there wasn't a decent radio station. She thought I was completely addicted to MTV, but I would turn it on and use it for background music.

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