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OMFG, Doctor Who

My Choices for Doctor 11

Now.. there are still no confirmed stories that David Tennant has no intention to leave at the end of series 4, or at the end of the 4 specials.

Statements have been made that he has a commitment to being in the 2009 specials.

But eventually, The Doctor will regenerate. (Because I refuse to see the show go away again)

So... now we start looking for potential actors.

Right now I have two front runners.

The first is Chiwetel Ejiofor
Which everyone on my reader list with the exception of s00j should easily recognize.

But I think my front runner is Alan Davies. Alan is best known in Britain as Jonathan Creek. He's got a very subdued humour which gives him a very Steven Wright quality. He delivers comedic moments in a manner that I often describe as "Joke Grenades" He also has a very Heath Ledger look about him which I think has that 'sex hook' that the Doctor always naturally carries. Despite his subdued nature he has an amazing range.

My only concern is that he looks TOO much like Tom Baker. And it may be viewed as treading backwards on the series.

Judge for yourself:

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that alan guy's hilarious! I think the haircut makes him look more like Tom Baker than he might otherwise, but I do see what you mean.

as long as he did not have a long knit scarf I think he would be great!

I sure would like them to do more with Tom Baker again though.

Davies's work on QI with Stephen Fry might give him the edge, if he wanted the job.

Is the fact that Time Lords have thirteen regenerations still canon, or is that only from the movie?

Also, I think Davies looks more like Heath Ledger (RIP) than Tom Baker.

*Why* does the doctor have to regenerate after only a few series? Can't he continue on for a while longer?

David Tennant is cuter than any of those guys - I want to see him stay.

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