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So who is this Kordell guy?

I've been watching the Steelers as best I can out here in the City of Angels. When the 4:00 game is a choice between the Steelers and a game involving the Chargers of SD, CALIFORNIA and the Raiders of Oakland CALIFORNIA. You can understand it's basically "Find a Bar" time.

So last week I watched as the Steelers had their Running game shut down. If the Bus was on the field they were on him like flies on discarded sugar. But something strange happened. It was a passing game. See, this new guy they got called Kordell had this awesome passing game. I refer to this new guy...because the Steelers used to have a guy named Kordell. This guy couldn't really throw the ball very dependably. I guess the old Kordell trained under Neil O'Donnel because he loved throwing the ball to the other team.

But this guy...this new guy was totally different. This week and last week. We had a passing game and we were strong with it. Between Hines Ward and neo-non-rookie Plaxico Burress; we've established a passing game. the fact that byt the third and fourth quarter we can rock between that and the slow damage that the Bus does has given me faith that the Steelers are definitely going to make a showing in the Playoffs. The Bowl would be nice...But let's see how things play out for now.

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