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Andrei in the office

Just doing a pulse check

Primarily to Seattle folk... but anyone on my list is appreciated for info...

Have I loaded out any DVDs or Books to you?

I'm not calling them back. Nor am I accusing anyone of hoarding or being irresponsible.

I'm just trying to catalogue and I know I've lost track of a few pieces that I'd rather not have to replace.

If I've loaned you something (Disc, DVD, book) can you leave a comment?

Thanks. Again... no rush to get it back.
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I have one of the Promethea series. I think it's book 3.

I've got Buffy season 4.

Have you seen The Zeppo yet? That is my all-time favorite episode of Buffy.

I'm not sure ... I'll have to double-check.

It's the one that is very Xander-centric.

you know, I so try to keep track of borrows (and lends, I empathise)- I am virtually certain I haven't borrowed a book or movie from you... but could be wrong. If you find I am, do let me know :-D

...good luck!

Did you ever get the video about the Mormon kid back from us? (I can't remember the name of the movie.) I know we gave you back The Libertine.

I have your first season of Dr. Who, I have about 3 episodes left to watch and then I will return it

I have your Galaxy Express 999. :)

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