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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Class Reminder

I will be teaching a class this coming Tuesday (May 27) at Horizon Oasis' Temple in Capitol Hill, in Seattle.

The class is called "The Theatrical Tools of Ritual Drama"

Here is das blurb (Yes, there always has to be a blurb)

In crafting ritual drama we spend painstaking hours studying god forms, mystical correspondences, arcane languages, and symbolic representations. Our tool set must not stop there for that is only half the equation. The use of text, performance, environment, and participation of those assembled all come from an art form that is as old as communication itself; theatre. In this class we will examine the tools of the theatre world and how they can be employed in conjunction with Ritual to raise and complement our magickal work.

This class starts at 7pm (which gives almost everyone time to get there after work... unless of course, you wish to traverse the 520 bridge)

The class is open to ANYONE. You do not need to be OTO, Pagan, Theatrical, .... Breathing is preferred.

No preparation is necessary. Donations to Horizon Oasis are welcome and will not be refused ;)

Those of you in Pittsburgh and Boston, should hop a plane now.

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If you want people to hop a plane, a bit more advance warning is helpful.

Although I am drooling on the other side of the country and wishing I could teleport.

I second this. Any chance of getting a vid of this class? ::puppy eyes::

I think you could make it...

But if it goes well, I'll talk to AzaDio and see if I can bring it to Tucson.

Re: I think you could make it...

Sadly, won't be in Boston until October.
D'ya think a transcript of the class might be available, if a video isn't?

Re: I think you could make it...

*echo transcript want*

I didn't realize that this was open to anyone regardless of OTO association. Hmmmm.

With the exception of initiations and a very small number of pre-announced events... all things are considered public at the Temple.

Sorry, I would have clarified that sooner if I'd known. I wasn't pushing the class on you (though I'd LOOOOOVE you to be there) because I know you have a lot of stuff this week.

But you are certainly welcome.

(Deleted comment)

I'm available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals....

If it goes well, I'm more than willing to schedule it again.

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