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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

And after nearly two years; the unpardonable work-sin

Nice weather... I didn't wear "THE VEST" when I left the house.

No badge.

Oh, work doors are gonna be a pain today.

Also, no phone... it's in my vest.

IM only.

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Oh no! Do you have a temporary badge of shame? Do you have to be escorted out when you leave?

(Says it on my badge)

but I do have the badge of shame and need doors to be opened for me

*Numfar does the dance of shame*

*sad day*
I wore a sun dress to work yesterday in celebration of the summer arriving - for at least three days - and forgot my badge stuck to my blue jeans.
The doors were a big problem - especially since the bathrooms are in the elevator area behind locked doors. I couldn't get to the bathroom, move between floors ... nothing. *sigh*

Good luck with that today!

More times than I care to remember when I worked at the bank. Also had to get the stupid visitor badges when I visited my parents at said bank. (Great green lochnar!!!!)

Re: Been There Done That..

ick and ugh. In the late 90's, I convinced folks to encumber their homes for the lochnar.

When I hear tales of badgeless woes, I am just so happy my particular part of KSU is still managed by each person carrying about a pound of brass keys. Those are very difficult to forget.

Oh, that crazy spring fever...

I cannot imagine you w/out the Vest. You're not YOU (MS vers.) w/out it...

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