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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

So, here's a novel question for everyone who reads this Blog.

Been doing some reading tonight...

So, I'm curious:

Poll #1188661 Civics 101

Have you ever read your state's constitution

Hell yeah, and very aware of legislation that changes it.
I've read it.
I've skimmed it
I think I might have learnt about it in High School
I thought the constitution was a US thing.

Have you ever written a representative

A few times
Nah, it's not worth it.
You can write to them?

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By skimmed, I mean I have used an online search tool to see if there was anything pertinent to my needs. I've done a lot more actual reading in the RCW, but only in certain sections.

My exposure is about the same as yours - I wouldn't say I've actually skimmed, but I've used the online search tool on a couple of occasions.

Required reading in a tough as nails polisci class I took a couple of years back. I'm not really "into" Georgia, though, and haven't focused much on state politics. It's so corrupt here it gets pretty depressing.

i've lived in ::counts:: 5 states now, and read the Const. for 2 of them, for school both times. i don't remember much because they looked amazingly like the US Const. i'm currently in LA, and am... afraid... to tackle this one. i don't remember if they recently overhauled it, but if they haven't, then it's the original... with something like 300 ammendments. and it's tortuous.

OTOH, i email Pres Bush way back in his first term, and the next day, the official press release said he'd no longer be receptive to emails. the timing on that was just great. :-D



Does the poll intend my home state or the one I live in now?

I was suggesting where you live because that is relevant to the laws that will be formed that most affect you.

The California State Constitution

The California State Constitution is, um, long. I mean really long. Wikipedia asserts it's 110 pages long, which seems about right. The California Constitution, however, is not like a traditional constitution: it is not just a blueprint of the organizational structure and rights guaranteed by fundamental law, but is itself a constantly amended legal document in its own right. (That's because the California initiative process makes it dirt simple to amend the Constitution.)

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