Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Sleep

I normally don't get to bed until about midnight. Of late I toss and turn throughout the night. I've been able to see most hours on my clock during the night from waking up. To be honest... a good bit of waking has been from some well placed kicks from a tiny foot.

Last night however, I went down hard. No clue why. For the first time in quite a long time, I slept until my alarm. This is interesting to me because I usually wake on my own an hour before it goes off.

My guess is that the tiny foot creature had a sound sleep.

The downside of sleeping through to alarm is that I have no recollection of any of my dreams at all. I am pretty sure I had them. Yes, pushing on my brain at the moment; I can remember something about a magic store (that had no magic tricks in it).

So.. not too bad. 7 hrs of sleep. Got into a dream state.

I wonder if it's this "new pillow from Pacific Coast Feather Company."


Edit: Yes, yes... make sure you have the right name of the company.

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