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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A long day.. but-

I must be having a good transit between communication and family.

In the past week I've been contacted by 3 old Order members from L.A. that I don't chat with very often. I also got to emails that made me very happy.

First - The relative the ex-actress. Many friends know that I have a somewhat distant relative who was a fairly famous child actress for about 15 years. I'd been emailing her about my genealogical research. Her letters have been pleasant... but reserved. In my last email to her I gave her a lot of research information and mentioned my great Aunt. "Aunt Fanny". Yes, I think every Jew has (or should have) one.

Fan was my paternal grandmother's sister. "Great Aunt". Fan was also the first cousin to my relative's father. So she also considered her an "Aunt". Even though technically... blah blah blah... It was Aunt Fanny. Well, Aunt Fanny opened the dam. The letter I got this morning was warm... It was open. I think I learned more about my cousin in this one letter than I have over the years as a 'fan-relative' studying the public material. I felt like I got to sit with a relative and have a family chat. I'm working on my response.

Then there was email number two. My first year of college was very difficult. I was fairly socially inept. (Was?)... I became friends with a girl. CP. I adored her. I crushed on her. But I also respected the hell out of her. She became a very close friend without me even realizing it. Sadly... right out of college she married a guy she knew and vanished. I lost contact with her entirely. I got the impression shortly out of college that she wanted to put it and everyone behind her. So I never followed-up. Also back then... keeping touch.. not as easy.

About a week ago, I literally stumbled across her online. Now... you have to understand... Me... College... We're talking 1987. Do the math. I saw pictures... and to be honest... Age hasn't done her any harm. She looks as radiant as the day I remember her. So... I dropped her a message. (New name and all). I was brief and direct. But did say that she was a very fond part of my college days and I did miss keeping in touch.

Today, I got a mail from her (thru the web service we were both on) saying that she would have responded sooner but that she doesn't check the web site. She gave me her email and wanted to catch up. Saying also that she had fond memories.

So... interaction wise... The day has been good. Good emails and IMs with loves as well. Good work done. And Daycare will start next week. :$)

More soon-

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As opposed to the other actress (and OTO member) that we know and love?

I'm not related to the OTO actress in question. The actress in question was famous from about 1964 until about 1979

Edited at 2008-05-09 02:57 pm (UTC)

The OTO member to whom you allude was one of the OTO folks that I chatted with.

Re: Ironically, however

Good to know she's alive and well.

Yayyyy!!! This post is an inspiration to me.

I have an MS Word question for you -- is there a feature that will allow you to compare two documents, one original longer, and another with less content that's contained within the former, and see what percentage of the former the latter makes up? Ie, taking a compilation document from multiple people, and then taking one person's contribution to see what percentage they contributed? Someone told me it was possible, but I can't figure out how....

Send this to me in email

Check my LJ profile for my email :)

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