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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

LiveJournal Advisory Board... The time is now. Andrei for representative

Hello all,

I've been posting about this for quite some time. The nominations for the Advisory Board are posted.

I am looking for the support of you, my readers, the readers of your journal and as many people we can link to from there. But of course, only if you think I'm the candidate to do the job.

My platform and your chance to support me can be found here:

I ask that you take a moment, read my post, and post a comment (at the link, not here) of support:
Preferably, "I support this nomination"

And more importantly, I ask you to re-post the link above and a similar message in your journals and encourage your readers to do the same. Regardless of the overlap that you think our readership may have.

Thank you very much for any and all support.


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Thank you for the vote of support

But to make it count you also need to make it over at the election community:


Re: Thank you for the vote of support

Sorry, a little confused at the process. I've put it over there.

Done! :D And people are spreading my word about the word.

Thanks, Andrei.

Post copied to my LJ and nomination supported in the election place.
Good luck!

Thank you so much. Not only for your support, but helping to spread the word.

Supported, posted to my journal... and every time I click on that link, the number of comments has gone up.

Good luck!

It would appear you have 100 comments.


1) Well THAT was quick.

2) I want points for not turning it into a LOLCAT of om-nom-nom-ination.

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