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Friday Five

Stolen from a post by chite

  1. Where are you right now?Home after EGC Mass rehearsal. Some cop/investigation show just ending is on as background noise. Johnny's in his room. Sister Robyn (who I'll be childing with in the mass tomorrow) is smoking on the porch

  2. What have you lost recently?My motivation, but I think I'm plumbing it back slowly.

  3. What was the first CD you ever purchased? Um, Wow...CD..*heh* We're only talking about 20 yrs here. I think.. Emphasis.. I think it was either a Weird Al CD (Hi Happy!) or the soundtrack to "Little Shop" Yes... I'm just that sad...

  4. What is your favorite kind of writing pen? A bag of PaperMate simple Blues. Big Bag. I seem to lose them fast.

  5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? WAH!!!! I miss ice cream. Mint chocolate chip used to be my favourite. Actually that as a double scoop with French Vanilla (vanilla made with extra egg).... Now it's Mocha Mix which is a tofu-based, ice cream-replacement. (Damn to hell lactose intolerance)

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