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Andrei in the office


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My son is in daycare for the first time

and I'm being a normal parent...

I'm staring at the cell phone prepared to try to teleport to my boy's side in time of need.

I'm wondering if there's video of the daycare center so I can see if my boy is treated well.

I'm picturing some bully wrestling his lunch money away (though at this age, he can still barely feed himself)

He's sitting in my mind, waving with a smile on his face that says, "It's okay daddy."

And the thought of him actually doing this is making me misty.

Damn I miss my scrotum.

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Having seen the way that child wields a lance, I don't think he'll have any problem defending himself from bullies trying to take his lunch money :)

That would be a good idea, having live camera feed on a daycare website where parents can log in and observe their child during the day. I wonder if anyone has done that yet.

It's been done in reverse (see: nanny cam). I heard a bit about nanny cams on NPR a few weeks ago, apparently it is for the NYC 80 hour workweek types who have live-in nannies, so they can log in and see what their child and the nanny are up to. This scenario is of course different from lordandrei's, but er, anyways, webcam type observing of kids in daycare-like situations is not unheard of :)

*hugs* and *empathy*
he's lucky to have a daddy like you :-D


It's ok. I understand. No, really. It's normal, and he'll be ok. Ok?


Edited at 2008-04-30 01:42 am (UTC)

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