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Andrei in the office


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Bunny Thwump

While I'm not actually trying to incite drama...

I find that unspoken question I have wanted to ask the most over the last three years of some people around me is:

"How stupid do you really think I am?"

But I am for the most part a "Nice" person (tm) and therefore.. have not asked this question when it has been so blatantly needed.

The prompt for this post is not really in relation to much of anything going on around me at the moment.

Though, if you feel that you have to ask, "Do you mean me?" It's probably not you.

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I regularly feel the urge to say something to that effect. (Either "How stupid do you think I am?" or "How weak do you think I am?")

I usually don't say it, and I'm starting to think that's not a good thing.

I've wanted to ask that question many times. Heh.

Not to you.

"Though, if you feel that you have to ask, "Do you mean me?" It's probably not you."

Yeah, 'cause the ones who are actually thinking they might need to be asking that kind of question are typically not the ones it would be directed at.


You too, huh?

Not that I'm a big genius, but it gets tiring to have to lay out basic principles just to demonstrate that I've given the topic some thought, reached a few conclusions, and have the 'nads to act on them. Like, women! aren't! slaves! And it just goes on like that.

Whenever I talk to a real estate agent I want to say that. Sometimes I do, or a near equivalent.

I deal with lawyers and their clients all day so, yes I know how you feel.

After reading this, I thought that when i encounter smarmy, self-inflated, self-aggrandizing bullshite from various people, i think my reaction is sometimes "How smart/great do you really think you are?" I need to get more to the point where i ignore such behavior, rather than allowing it to annoy me and wasting my energy/time.

Just curious as to how you think such a cryptic post could spark drama...

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