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Andrei in the office


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health, flu, sick

So, what else do you do when sick and on the couch

You play with your hair.

Boys and girls... let this be a lesson:

Comb overs are bad!

Andrei: Comb overs are bad, #1 Hair gone wrong!
Click for a larger version

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(Deleted comment)
All you need now is some flared pants and Brut cologne... ;)

You forgot the BIG GOLD CHAINS!

awwww, aren't you cute?
... you look so....
... normal...

(ok, time to recover from snorting lime talking rain thru nose..)

My dad used to do comb overs with tons of hair spray to keep it in place. Well except for when it was windy. He would look like a sail boat when the wind would catch it. I always wanted to sneak a sign or something to the underside of the comb over to make it even funnier. :D

I would recommend pig tails and funny ribbons or barrettes for your next round of hair playing.

It looks like you put on your Colonial-Era wig backwards.

That needed a Pepsi warning!!!!!

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