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Whisky Tango Foxtrot: Dreams - Now with commercials?

I don't retain a lot of my dreams when I wake up. I wish I did.

Last ight I had my standard set of weird draeams. Convoluted buildings, driving around, new places, etc...

and then about 75% of the way thru the night I had a commercial.

I distinctly remember a political commercial for Hillary Clinton. Very "We are the world" music, positive, fun imagery. Very humanizing. Really attacked some of the issues that have been giving Obama an edge.

And even unconscious one very distinct thought popped into my head.


It was amazingly jarring.

Now.. I did see Cabaret last night. So the seeds of uncomfortable political change may have been buried in there.

But this was obscenely detailed. So.. either my brain took a wrong turn in albuquerque or it's time to start siding with the crazy conspiracy theorists.


Anywho... today there will be zoo-ing. Friends that are interested in joining in, text me... I'll have my text-y thing on me.


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i heard the Clintons have a flock of haitian Voodoo preists on their payroll. Incidentally, they'll never find evidence for that campaign office fire, if you know what i'm sayin ;)
Can't trace the voodoo!
but really, a long time ago when clinton was in office, i distinctly remember (and i can even remember the voice perfectly) having this dream which had Bill Clinton (this was when he was finishing up his first term) sitting at his desk and saying "Good morning. Perhaps you'd like a cup of coffee. I hope you'll vote for me in the upcoming elections."
I startled awake from that; it was really strange...but, coincidence? hmm...

Ask no questions, just bow before the might and magick of the Clinton Army!

I've had dreams wherein I criticize how lousy the special effects in it are.

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