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Andrei in the office


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Why do I subscribe to online surveys? Is it the $2.50 I might get?


Do I feel that people care about my opinion on Budweiser?


It's those rare moments when I get an official survey that asks the following:

Please write a few sentences about why you are "Very Likely" to watch the new season of Doctor Who.

Oh, yeah....

My response:
I have been watching Doctor Who since 1978. I introduced my wife to the new series when it debuted. She is completely hooked. I have introduced several friends to the series. They are hooked. My toddler (born after the new series debuted) dances when the theme comes on. It's very likely I'll host a Series 4 debut gathering for "Partners in Crime"

I may skew your survey. To me Doctor Who is the number 1 show I seek out. Period.

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As someone who drafts, delivers, and analyzes surveys for a living, I'd ROFLMAO if that came across my desk.

And then I'd snip it for the "verbatim highlights" section of the deck, and try not to giggle madly while presenting the data to the execs.

Thank you, on behalf of research analysts *everywhere*.

And thus why I continue to blog about Brit TV -- I pray that someone from BBC America reads and actually listens. :)

FYI, if you haven't seen 4x01 and would like to, lemme know.

4 x 01 ... advance viewings

I really appreciate the offer. Unfortunately, I like to watch them with jnanacandra

Unless I can get them in advance with captions it really does us no good.

We did watch Time crash and BOTD without captions... But she's still waiting for the VOTD air and the hopefull release of Time Crash on the s4 DVDs.

So... I've just taken to waiting for the season to roll on Sci-Fi... SO that we can watch with captions together.

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