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Why do I subscribe to online surveys? Is it the $2.50 I might get?


Do I feel that people care about my opinion on Budweiser?


It's those rare moments when I get an official survey that asks the following:

Please write a few sentences about why you are "Very Likely" to watch the new season of Doctor Who.

Oh, yeah....

My response:
I have been watching Doctor Who since 1978. I introduced my wife to the new series when it debuted. She is completely hooked. I have introduced several friends to the series. They are hooked. My toddler (born after the new series debuted) dances when the theme comes on. It's very likely I'll host a Series 4 debut gathering for "Partners in Crime"

I may skew your survey. To me Doctor Who is the number 1 show I seek out. Period.
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