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Andrei in the office


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Gnostics go PING!

So.. there will be a longer post... but... BRAGGING RIGHTS

Tonight was the Aries Bash. If you think that once 4 pagans know something ... no secret can be kept.


Two months ago an idea was born in our basement.

Led on by ladydrakaina about 7-8 people organized, raised the funds for airfare, and

brought S.J. Tucker and K from Little Rock, Arkansas to the Aries Bash.

We did not know. We were feeding aiden_freeman in the dining room and I was presented with guests who I had no idea were even in my time zone.

SJ and Betsy performed about 90 minutes of music.

So... I wanted before writing my weekend post, just a moment of bragging rights.

So fiannaharpar and shadesong you reallllly need to come out for my parties.

You never know (I know I had no clue) who might show up.

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I still owe S. J. and K. a re-do with performing in Pittsburgh.

Pookie wanted to go, she was trying to figure out why the train took so long, though :-)

Woo! Congrats...bragging rights are in order. Alas, DSO and I were commanded to attend...but we have the deth. You do not want the deth, as your household was just getting over the deth. It is not a fun deth.

It was a wonderful party and it was amazing that s00j was there. Wow, a gift for you that all of us enjoyed.

Edited at 2008-04-05 03:17 pm (UTC)

Thank you for having us over, it was a good party, sorry we had to leave so soon, but it does take awhile to travel to backwater Bremerton. It's always nice to see those you haven't seen in some time, and I'm including vismaya_viewer, nascar24_48, mlerules, lightfoote, woosi, and so many others I now have a brain fart. And, of course, it was so very nice to be in the presence of our Sooj, who all have missed so much the past couple of months...

It was wonderful you were still in shock and awe hours later! This was sooooo unbelievably hard to keep secret, but totally worth it:-)
O happiest of birthdays ever my dear fellow fourtysomething, smoooootch

Hey, pay my way and I'll be there!

Is that a promise or a threat.

We may just have to see what we can do about that.

Our next shindig is the Cancer party... summer in Seattle... it really doesn't suck.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the surprise, Andrei. *love*

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