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Oh, this feels so wrong

Aiden is watching a video of the song "Mamma Mia"

He is bouncing up and down in time to the music... grinning.

There is something just disconcerting about an 18 month old being a rabid Abba fan!?!?!

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That's less disconcerting than a 40 year old man being a rabid Abba fan. :)

Yeah, I know. Helping.

Yeah well same to you, C ;)

I guess I'm lucky, that is one that I don't really does he like "Fernando", Lord Andrei?

So...does this mean that you'll be going to see this movie?

Yeah, actually thinking about it. You?

Why not? Looks like fun.

I actually have quite the list of films I want to see in the coming months.

I went to see Stop Loss tonight. Not as fun, but really good.

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