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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Something I never thought I could do...

Edit This time in English.

I have many dear friends that I love and respect. And pretty much from this post forward I realize that my relationship is going to turn blatantly into, "We will have to agree to disagree".

Basically there are some friends who will disagree with me on what I am doing.

One friend who actually might agree with me faces a different aspect of this amazing thing.

This evening I wrote a letter to my oldest and dearest friend. Someone who I have been a member of a Rocky Horror cast with, someone I have been in the SCA with, someone I have had the strangest of relationships with. I've been thru chaos, and punk, and rasta, and pasta, and book clubs, and parenting discussions with her.

Before I wrote this letter to her I would never have believed it possible.

I asked her to consider backing a political candidate that as of tonight I am not only supporting, but trying to do so financially as well.

I've written my feelings concerning the candidacy of Barack Obama and my intent to back him on one of his support web pages. That page is:

I ask you at least to read the words that clarify why I do this. It explains how unlikely the idea is and how much I believe in what I'm doing.

So... who knew? Wow

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Of the three candidates, Obama says the most to me, says that he will do the most for the country. I am just concerned about how he will do it. In order to pay for all of his programs, taxes will have to increase. I already lose 40% of my salary to taxation...will it increase to 50 or 60%?

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