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Additional information about 18 month olds

First. You need to start by reading the post by jnanacandra

Far too many things. As H points out.. there's just too much in a month to summarize.

But things I've noticed.

Aiden enjoys having his teeth brushed. He's also become adept at getting his hands on door knobs and let me tell you the climbing has swung into epic proportions.

In the last month, we've stopped 'carrying' Aiden everywhere. We let him walk. He's gotten very good at holding on to our hands...or at least a finger. He tends not to wander off too often. H will often let him walk from the car in the driveway to the house and he does so fairly well on his own.

At his 18 month appt instead of taking the elevator up to his pediatrician we took the stairs. The amazing thing was that Aiden was able to take the stairs without climbing. Holding onto our hands for balance he stepped up normally. After a few stairs he even began to alternate full steps. Instead of left then right to the same step, he actually did about 3 stairs in 3 steps. It was massively awesome.

He still wants to be into everything and play with everything. Which means electronics (especially cell phones and remote controls) are in trouble. He's beginning to gauge down in petting the cats but stilltends to be a bit too forceful and continues to have the battle scars from his on going negotiations with the daughters of Bast.

I too have mastered the power of getting the boy to sleep on his bed. Granted..I'm still only a minor deity. I can only get him back to sleep in cases where he has woken up.

Yes.. the time in the evening is a vast improvement. Now if I could just stay healthy for more than a week to enjoy it.
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