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Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die

Rant: The internet can shove it up it's uncorked A**

So... for the past 24-48 hours... I have been.. unwell

Thanks to some meds (today) ... I'm starting to get some sense of normalcy back...slowly.

Unfortunately, I haven't really had much to eat. Maybe 2-3 bananas. Some saltines, some water and the high point... A jelly on rye bread sandwich.

I figured I'd look on line for 'what to eat on a sour stomach/suffering from d**'

And I found tonnes of lists.

The part that's got me "oiked" off... Every BLOODY list is the same.

1) Don't eat this
2) cut out this
3) Avoid this
4) reduce intake of this
5) stop eating this
6) Stop drinking this.

In the words of the masters: Can we stop talking "YAMA" here. I need some dietary NIYAMA.

I don't have a lot of energy to begin with. If I'm spending all my time going, "Nope, not that" I'm too damned tired when I get to something and go... Hmmn, not on the list. Wonder if it's safe.


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Hmmmm... Even Kaiser's adivce is mostly in the negative, or what to avoid.

However the major *must do* is drink plenty of fluids... do not let yourself get dehydrated. Try to drink things like Gatorade or other sports drinks which balance your electrolytes.

Also, yogurt with *live* culture is good for the runs and will help replenish your flora and fauna :)

Do *not*, however, indulge in other milk products -- key words are "live culture" so acidofilous milk is OK, but not pasturized...

Stick with *mild* foods such as crackers, rice (brown is OK), or other bland foods. When you have normal BMs for 24 hours then you can branch out to other food types (but be careful with fruit!).

Primarily water and crackers today.

But I'm getting hungrier. So I hope I can move to actual food tomorrow.

When I was going thru some pretty major stomach problems, the foods that my doc told me to eat that helped were: baked chicken(no skin), baked potatoes, rice, bananas, applesauce (no sugar), over cooked carrots, crackers, toast, ginger ale. No fats, no processed sugars and no spices. That would always get me back on my feet quick.

BRAT diet is a good one to follow following any stomach upset: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.

For diarrhea especially, root vegetables are the best, though. A root mash of turnip, rutabaga, white potato, and sweet potato, which can be thinned with some rice milk, and lightly seasoned with a little honey and maple syrup, will help put your digestive system back together.

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