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15 months, cute

18 months: Genetics time!

Well, it's been 6 months since Genetics kicked me in the nuts and made it completely obvious to me that aiden_freeman is undoubtably 'of my loins'

So, now at 18 months...it's time to take a look at some of the other genes. I've pulled out the old photo of me and this time added in one of jnanacandra

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Ayup...I can see the resemblance :)

very cute...be hopeful that a second child (if you have one)doesn't look so much like you...mothers can become resentful of fathers for having clone-image children of themselves. (personal experience)

And stepmothers even more so. I remember the black looks my stepmother threw at me when people just assumed that all three kids were hers, despite me being so much older than my half-siblings. It got even better when my sister got to be about 12 and my grandmother started accidentally calling her by my name. (My sister and I were practically identical from the cheekbones up. I got my mom's nose and she got her mom's chin. Other than that, from about 6 years old and up, she consistently looked like pictures of me at the same age.)

Edited at 2008-03-06 06:20 am (UTC)

See, I look just like my father did as well as his four brothers and all THEIR sons... except I grew up needing a bra and not being thought weird because of it. :P

My sister, however, is 2 years my junior and looks just like Mum.

Then there's #3, a brother, who is definitely a blend of the parents.

And surprise baby #4, who looked like my sister as a baby, and now everyone is terrified because he looks and acts like I did at 6. Joy of joys, another overly intelligent bored kid for the family.
Maybe I will end up with a tattoo-buddy sibling after all. Even if he is 18 years my junior.


I can see it now. "Hey sis, I want to get my first tattoo--can you recommend an artist?" "Sure--and that reminds me that my XYZ needs a touch-up."


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