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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I know it's tasteless, but I really have to

Dungeons and Dragons' creator Gary Gygax botches saving throw at age 69

Thank you for several years of fun geekdom.

Edit: princekermit beat me to the joke by about an hour.

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tasteless? I guess this harkens back to the discussion you were having about comedy and what is too far. I personally think it is perfectly in keeping with who he was.

So if we cast Reincarnation, what if he comes back as a kobold?

that is really sad.
I hope Google does a zero roll on their GOogle.com for him today.


Though, finding an address or phone number to ask them .. is just too rediculous and I failed my patience roll.

I just got a call about an hour ago from my old DLI roomie saying, "[hubby's name] got a call at work from an old coworker to let us know our old boss had died." (they met whilst contracting for him)

I wasn't sure what sorts of apropos funerary humor I was going to see here in LJ-land. I'll have to tell her about your comment when I talk to her again this evening. I'm sure she'll get a healthy chuckle :)

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