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Memetime Redux: Some interview questions I've received

But first... A note... Several of you asked to be interviewed by me. Please check the post to see if your questions are up or if you'd like to be interviewed.

Below are questions I've received with my answers
From vixenesque93
1) What does the word "love" mean to you?
In a way I guess for me it means freedom. Freedom to trust, freedom to be, freedom of emotions. It's like opening a flood gate of ability to give while at the same time taking ownership for the responsibility in affording another the same freedom.

2) Of all the places you've lived, what was your favorite and why?
I can't really say that I have a favourite. There have been many places and they have all had their ups and downs. San Diego was nifty but hot. I suppose if I were to pick one it'd be the town I lived in as a kid. It was the most idyllic time for me. It was before life got weird and I was too young to really notice any problems.

3) Would you ever consider living on a nudist colony?
Dunno. I have my own share of body image issues. I figure... in the colony everyone there is pretty much on equal levels so it wouldn't be too bad. I just find that I like having pockets to carry stuff around in.

4) Why don't you like coffee?
In general the smell has always been a bit repugnant to me. People have often
told me... "Yeah.. but once you get past the smell..." This unto itself really
isn't much of a motivator) I've tasted it. Not really much better to my taste
than to my smell. And since I've gone so long without it... There's really been no need to jump on the bandwagon.

5) When did you first realize you were heterosexual?
I think in L.A. when I was surrounded in many very superficial folks in my social world that I decided to stop 'trying to be bi'... It was odd for a while I wouldn't 'admit' to being straight. "Well, I've only been with women because I haven't found the right guy." I don't think I'm 100% heterosexual... but for all relative ways of defining it; I pretty well am. Men don't do anything for me. I have no desire to lick them. And I'm okay with that.

From sesa777
IYO, what is the best thing about being a Thelemite/OTOer?
A good question be it is really two entirely different questions. I will tackle them separately.
It's hard for me to define what is best about being a thelemite because it's how I've always been. I just didn't have a word for it until I read Liber Al in my grad years. What I like most about it is a freedom of truth to and about self. You are what you are.

OTO is a different animal entirely. It's an organization founded under the tenants of Thelema. So it brings forth a community of people to share with. People who (theoretically) see the world the way you do. At times that has been a pillar of strength for me.

If you could travel with any Dr. Who incarnation, who would it be?
I never wanted to travel with the Doctor. I always saw myself as another renegade time lord who had crossed paths with the doctor on occassion. I have my own tardis, my own adventures, my own companions... Ah... the life. But that doesn't answer your question. I loved the 4th, the 10th is a hoot; but I think I'd be interested in Travelling with the 7th (McCoy).. There was so much coming out there and so much growth in character that I felt that the history and the heart of the Doctor was playing out amazingly.

When are you and yours coming down to LVX, and what would it take to convince the three of you to do so?
We were invited to do Massathon this year. First one we've missed since its inception. Unfortunately, our biggest travelling stumble is an 18 month old. Aiden is at the age where he wants to be into everything, isn't able to sit still or calmly, and there aren't lines of communication to explain why we need to sit or go. We also really wanted to have a chance to make it a good social visit becasue we don't get to see people often and Massathon isn't completely conducive to more than little bits of quick talk. Right now.. we'd love people to come visit us. We have the crash space and the desire to be social. Just not the ability to take it on the road.

After numerous LJer's weighing in, what do you plan to do with your writing talents?
Keep working on it. I need more reviews and more improvement. A lot.

Which came first, the oruboris or the babe in the egg?:)
I could answer this; but some mysteries must be discovered either on their own or from in person experience. Perhaps we should have an in person philosophical debate over the answer to this as well as the symbolic remifications of the... um... Oh the truth is beyond our degrees. (I'll punt)
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