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Why me?!?!?

Status: Physically miserable redux

I've been coughing really badly for about a week or two. Painful hacking coughing that leaves me debilitated for about half a minute and reeling with a headache.

Last week I left work Wednesday afternoon and went through a physical and emotional roller coaster from being sick through to Sunday.

Yesterday I dragged myself back to work. The cough wasn't gone.. but seemed manageable.

Last evening it started getting worse. I had to take very slow very short breaths to prevent hacking painfully. At 10pm we headed off to the hospital in Kirkland. I was given Lortab elixir. This is a narcotic cough suppressant. It didn't make me loopy but it reduced the cough, helped me relax, and more importantly let me sleep.

4 hours later but with really nice service I am pleased to report that I do NOT have pneumonia. I do however have acute bronchitis.

So... I am back home today.

In other news:
I want to thank everyone who asked to be on the filter to read my aspiring story. I want to thank those of you who commented. I will be posting to that filter today as my strength comes up to discuss... stuff.

That's all for now. Sorry, I've decided... no picture ;)
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I saved the picture you sent me...*evil thoughts*

(Deleted comment)

I was trying to do the same...

... but I had Pneumonia about 5 years ago. When my breathing got to the point that I could barely take a breath without doubling over from the pain of coughing I decided it was best to check it wasn't worse.

The Meds I've been given are fantastic albeit making me a little fuzzy

Dangnabbit - hope you get well SOON.

Oh, good; I'm not the only one. *KOFFHACKSPEWRETCH*

I hate it when my esophagus tries to eject itself when I cough.

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