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When I was a kid (and I mean 'kid') I was writing a story called "The Bridge" At the time it was (to me) a neat concept. While the media hadn't been created yet, it was one part "Tomorrow People" one part "Doctor Who" one part "Quantum Leap". Interestingly at the time I'd written it only Doctor Who existed.

As jnanacandra can tell you; I've never considered writing my forte. Most of my posts over 1000 words often have to go through her to be converted from Andrei into English.

In college, I went into Directing because.
-I didn't have the talent to do sets, costumes, or makeup beyond a passable level.
-I didn't have the looks or business-machine callous destructiveness to be an actor.

But most assuredly... I never really thought I had it in me to really be a writer.

This was actually a bizarre thing because I knew there were at least two components of writing I actually did have a fairly good grasp of.

I knew how to do plot with arc. In college, I'd come up with an idea for a series that could run 4 seasons, 22 episodes, and even had the idea about what connected the episodes and seasons. That one is still sitting in the recesses of my head.

I had a knack for dialogue. Just because I didn't want to be an actor didn't mean that I didn't have faith in my abilities. I did a bunch of impromptu in college and was known for opening up dialogues with myself. I've spooked more than one person having an on the spot argument with myself. (Then how do you explain coming up with meeeeee?!?!)

But for some reason I could ever really put it all together. I rarely read fiction. Some fiction I just couldn't read at all. I think I've read the first 4 pages of Dune at least 25 times. And then there is my attention span. If I measure my attention span by the number of unfinished projects (stitching, programming, hobbies...)... getting into something like writing gets daunting.

Now we come to the point where you may be thinking... "So, where is this going?"

Over the last few nights (maybe for a week or so) I've had a sentence going through my head.

Terry had no idea why he was in the Gas and Sip.

Last night in a fit of coughing while being thoroughly unable to sleep I decided to finally put pen to paper. Well, okay.. I discovered how hard it really is to type on an iTouch.

I had an idea or five of what I wanted to do with that.

So I started pressing virtual keys. After two paragraphs I was really excited. And then I promptly hit the wrong button and lost my two paragraphs. Undaunted, I retyped them from memory and kept going.

About 750 words just came pouring out. I was pleased with it. But utterly paranoid. This morning I showed it to adriannebrennan who commented that she enjoyed it and found far less grammatical errors than I would have expected.

So here's the cruel part. I'm not posting it publicly at this time. I have what I consider a "Chapter 0/Preface" of a longer story. I'm looking for people who might be interested in beta reading my work and being brutally honest.

If you're interested... comment. I'll add the first (arbitrary number of comfort) to the filter and post what I have. I'm actually kind of excited.

Who knows... maybe I can write.

Edit noon local time. The story is now posted. All commenters so far should have access.
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