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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

OMG the Spoilage: Doctor Who

I just found an amazing spoiler for the upcoming 4th series of Doctor Who.

For those who lack control or those that enjoy knowing minor things in advance... Feel free to click the link

For those who don't wish to be spoiled... I've hidden the destination of the link behind tinyurl.com.

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are you guys going to be at Massathon?

Sorry, we talked long and thought hard about it. But Aiden will be 18 months at that time and it is the absolute worst time to travel with a toddler. Also, we want to come down to be social but with massathon and a toddler... it becomes more work and little time to spend with loved ones.

We will hopefully return next year


I guess I'll just have to come up and visit you guys sometime then ; )

That was me BTW. i don't remember logging off LJ.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane

I have been waiting since last July to hear when Sci Fi would be running Series 4 (and BBCA will be running it at about the same time). I know Martha will be out for part of the season (she is to be in Torchwood series 2 during that time period).

Hopefully they don't kill the Doctor Who universe with all these spin offs (Sarah Jane, The Doctor cartoon series, the K-9 show...)--Hans

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