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Andrei in the office


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health, flu, sick

Status: Physically miserable

I've been ignoring the effects of one of the local 'sick' bugs for a few days.

My coughing has been that deep hacking cough that leaves me feeling like my brain is about to burst.

Energy levels are very low. Unfortunately, this bug seems to be attacking me not merely physically, but intellectually and emotionally as well.

Left work early today.

Needing rest. Well, slow reboot time.

Hopefully that will hekl

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Big hugs and lots of love and chicken soup.

Noooo, sorry to hear this. *sends virtual chicken soup through the ether*

Hope you do indeed hekl soon!

other than Reiki from several directions, something that really really helped me kick it quick were the Zicam nose swab things. Zinc gel applied directly to the mucous membranes, basically.

this bug - we have made its acquaintence as well.

we might have the same bug over here! B slept till three yesterday and quetz slept till 1 pm today.

I require ibuprofen.

I think its my turn next.

Feel better, my friend. *hugs*

HUGS and warm love and good thoughts and extra sleep!

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