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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

A look inside my mind...

(Preface: this post is seasoned with a bunch of links. I recommend taking the time to look at the links because it helps explain and compliment the post)

Occasionally, I post strange fun facts that seem to come out of absolutely nowhere.

For example: The term "Pediddel" (Meaning a car missing a headlight) in fact originates to a 1984 episode of "Not Necessarily the News" with its usual segment of Rich Hall's Sniglets.

Some of you may think... What the hell is 'Pedidel?'; Some might think, "Pedidel was a sniglet?'

The real question is, "This is the sh&# that Andrei researches?"

So... If you've ever seen the episode of Pinky and the Brain where the response is, "I think so, Brain, but what if the hippopotamus won't wear the beach thong."... or even if you haven't...

Here's where my brain came from.

I was flipping thru youtube videos and saw a shot of a young girl. Maybe 13-15. It made me think of the one young girl I'd seen on TV that I'd really like to see again. Mary Lou Retton in 1984 taking a perfect score of 10 on the vault. Well, from there it was Torvill and Dean skating to Bolero. This got me wanting to find "ABC's Wide World of Sports."... I knew I'd see "Agony of Defeat" but... I actually wanted to see the whole thing.

I found it, But it was part of an interview with Jim McKay concerning "The agony of defeat." This took me to WikiPedia to look up more about Vinko Bogataj, the man known to most Americans (Over 25) as "The agony of defeat."

This is where I felt inclined to make one of my posts. Talking about the famed "Agony of defeat." A man who received a standing ovation at a high class banquet for the 25th anniversary of ABC's sport show. The ovation confused him, because in his native Yugoslavia he never really got a lot of notice. In the States on the other hand... living legend.

It turns out that Bogataj's mishap is commemorated with a sniglet "Agonosis" meaning, "The syndrome of tuning in on Wide World of Sports every weekend just to watch the skier rack himself."

Well, okay.. an accidental click there in wikipedia on Sniglets and there it is. "Pediddel"

My first thought was, "So that's how it's spelled."

I think it was one of those driving games I learned by rote... And by an ironic twist was a word I discovered that until now, I'd never... um... "Wrote".

The next thought was, 'So it actually started as a sniglet. That's kinda cool.' Well, cool from my point of view.

And this is what I do when sick on the couch.

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Nope, didn't start as a sniglet, whatever that is...
What to say when you see a car with one headlight - it was an OLD game.
So old, that when my mom told me about the game when we were growing up, she said it used to be you'd say the word when you passed *a white horse.*
Because dorks like to spoil fun things - In the late 80's early 90's (at least in DC area urban myth or truth) you didn't want to be driving after a car with one headlight because it was a gang initiation for a new person to shoot someone in the next car they see after a kadiddle.


What I said isn't in Wiki.. its all stuff I know, LOL :>

Wondered where pedidle came from

And the really scary amusing thing is that I didn't actually need to look at any of those links -- I already knew what they all were. My brother owned, at one time, "Sniglets", "More Sniglets" and (I think) "Unexplained Sniglets of the Universe", and so I already knew what a pediddel was (although at some point I stopped referring to orange pith as "yorange"). I remember Mary Lou Retton's victory, even though I was only five, as I was already a fan of gymnastics and the Olympics by then (and we had only recently acquired a TV, so it, too, was a novelty), and I have been known to randomly call up Torville and Dean's Bolero at random intervals, either to watch them dance or just to hear Ravel, especially since my Ravel's Selected Works CD disappeared.

I love watching Bolero on youtube. I still remember when they skated it live at a local ice show they did. fricking phenomenal. Here is another link for you. when you go to youtube, type in library pac man. click on the first link. trust me. and don't drink anything while you watch it.

Fun wandering through the FunHouse that's your brain - thx for sharing.

Sniglets...ooh, the fun to come w/these...

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