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Andrei in the office


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health, flu, sick

My morning... The good, the bad, and the UUUUUGLY

I woke up this morning sick as a dog. Which is odd, because I really haven't seen many dogs with a head cold.

I am congested all the way down below my toes into Burma.

jnanacandra will be taking over my role as Deacon today.
(grumble, been looking forward to Deaconing for a while)

We watched Idiocracy with (mumbles) Wilson. (I really can't tell them apart)

Humourous while at the same time... a little painful to watch.

After the movie aiden_freeman grabbed the phone receiver away from me.

He took a few steps and pushed the volume button. It rang.

He put it against his hear and went, "Ah-ooooohhhhhh"

Three cheers for more milestones.

Last night he brought me something I asked for. Communication begins

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Luke Wilson. Owen is the blonde who was in the Shanghai Noon movies with Jackie Chan who tried to commit suicide a while back.

Hope you get/feel better soon.

What's a deacon do, anyway?

The job of the Deacon

The Deacon serves as an intermediary between the Clergy (Priest and Priestess) and the congregation. The Deacon leads the congregation in the ritual and serves the clergy in their needs to perform the ritual.

See this link for more info.

Re: The job of the Deacon


So you get to wear Yellow & White and carry Black's Law...

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