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Andrei in the office


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Announcement Post #2: Shakespeare: Midsummer...

What comes around goes around.

I know of at least 10 people on my list will think:

"Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"

I have not been getting enough Vitamin T in my diet.

I intend to do Midsummer... again. (This will be the third time I direct it)

And I'm looking out there to gauge interest.

So... here's what I'm going to do. Those who read my LJ get first crack.

I'm going to have Theatre nights at my house. I'd love once a week... but I realize everyone's schedule.
We're gonna read, pick scenes, direct them, block them. In general... beat the crap out of them.

In one month (Basically I announce at OLO my interest this month and then the assessment the following month)
{Assuming there is interest}

I'll hold real live auditions for a guerrilla production of Midsummer.

So.. who's interested? Who wants to spend some time in Bothell? What nights?

Edit: Guerrilla productions means that we get the show ready for performance and basically take over a spot in a park or a festival (faerieworlds....) and just start.

There of course is intent to get promoted ones as well.

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If I had the vaguest idea what you were talking about...no, wait, strike that, I'd like a more definite idea of what you're going on about, then I could answer more definitively. For now, color me curious, but not committed.

Catch me via IM if you have any specific questions.

Oh....but I'm not going to Faerieworlds.

Not a requirement. It was merely an example


Otherwise sounds like fun! Will have to check my schedule.

(Deleted comment)
For theatre nights.. Interest is all that's needed.

Attendance at those will help auditions when we move into the real show.

Color me interested. Couldn't do every week (too danged far), but could do 1-2x/month, ideally Th or Wed or mebbe Fri, other than previous commitments already on my calendar (F-worlds, &c.) Oh, I'd likely often need crash space, given distances involved.

I'm interested. What's the best commute from north of Atlanta?

Exercising those frequent flyer miles

Or just crashing with us for a few months.

(Deleted comment)
I didn't say I was LJ'ing on the Crapper.

And if I was... I'm okay on not needing logistical support there.

Oh.. you meant on a show... But of course ;)

'd love to have you come read shakespeare with us.

I love shakespeare readings and have less than no free time.

I wished I lived a little closer or had a little less going on in my life. It sounds like fun. I haven't acted since college. I would love to come along sometime and take some shots of the performances and maybe help out with other stuff.




*wishes she lived closer*

oh look an acorn!

Love this play, just not sure I want to cram anything else into my schedule right now...

Oh, if only I didn't live 3,138 miles away! [Google routing, not straight line]

Love the play, have been both Puck and Nick Bottom in it... Interested indeed!

(Did I mention how much I love it? My first big show ever: Filled the stage with 1,000 borrowed potted trees and plants to make a forest... it was deranged and truly magickal!)

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