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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Announcement Post #1: Aries Bash Proposal

Many folks have heard murmurings of the Aries Bash.

Last year we did the Cancer Bash... And don't think that's not in the planning stages again this year.

But we have decided to do Aries this year as well. Bigtime. And not just because one of the Clan's Aries is hitting the big FOUR-OH this year. Well... okay..that's kind of a big one in there.

So.. the date we are looking at is Saturday, April 5.

And I've looked. No OTO Mass, No cons, no ATC rits, no OLO, no surprises.

And I've looked at your GoogCals as well. That spot is currentlytheoretically blank. ;)

So... how does that date look for everyone? Hmmn ;?)

Announcement Post #2 will occur a little later today.

Well it'd seem that princekermit is debuting as Priest in the ATC Dark Moon-Pan rit.

I'm certain many people... myself included... might wish to attend that.

So... Sunday the 6th also becomes a possibility... friday 4/4/8 as well. Comments?


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Check again. I debut as priest for the ATC Dark Moon-Pan ritual that night.
But that just means I will be late to the party.

You're not the only one who will be late. I wouldn't miss that for the world!

You and everyone else who'd go to that. I didn't see that on any of the calendars I looked at.

That may be a big X on the 5th

It just means your guests will arrive in waves...which is not much different than the Cancer Party. As I recall, the party was going strong when I left at 1 AM.

Edited at 2008-01-22 07:41 pm (UTC)

.. this party would also be wanting Jon as one of the honoured guests.

Perhaps, but Horizon is also working on an event for that day (confrimation and exact time TBD) better to look at a different day, IMO.

I don't suppose, I could get away with saying, "Yes, I agree. Horizon should look at a different day."

Cause... between Horizon and ATC and OLO on the calendar already... April is otherwise full.

You could try :) not saying you'd get what you want.

I wouldn't X it out completely. Like I say, it will mean me showing up around 9:30 - the time most of y'all's parties seem to get really revved up. As Pan, I will come pre-revved.

I'm holding a quarter in that ritual.

(Deleted comment)
Cascadia... as in CASA?
Is this the latest iteration of the Seattle Pagan list or a new list?

Maybe. I'm not sure what our outside advertizing program is.
Also, would need the link to same. Yo no hablo Google Calendar.

Why not just keep it on the 5th but don't start it 'til 9pm? Um, guess this likely means w/a posted start time of 7:30/8pm so folks'll show up 'round 9pm anyway (given Pagan Standard Time as well as PK's Pan debut), 'cept those of us who're OCD-early and'll come over ahead of time if desired to help out as needed ;-P (There'll still be time to give the b-day folks 40 whacks as appropriate...let the negotiations commence!)

Or don't start it 'til 9:30pm!

Edited at 2008-01-22 08:04 pm (UTC)

Hm...if it was during the day that would work out fantabulously.

Silly question: Is 4/4 out of the question? Methinks more people would attend a Friday night than a Sunday mid-day.

That would work for me. I'd be coming after work (work until 9:00) but the party should just be getting started around then. By Sunday I'd likely be toast.

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