Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Announcement Post #1: Aries Bash Proposal

Many folks have heard murmurings of the Aries Bash.

Last year we did the Cancer Bash... And don't think that's not in the planning stages again this year.

But we have decided to do Aries this year as well. Bigtime. And not just because one of the Clan's Aries is hitting the big FOUR-OH this year. Well... okay..that's kind of a big one in there.

So.. the date we are looking at is Saturday, April 5.

And I've looked. No OTO Mass, No cons, no ATC rits, no OLO, no surprises.

And I've looked at your GoogCals as well. That spot is currentlytheoretically blank. ;)

So... how does that date look for everyone? Hmmn ;?)

Announcement Post #2 will occur a little later today.

Well it'd seem that princekermit is debuting as Priest in the ATC Dark Moon-Pan rit.

I'm certain many people... myself included... might wish to attend that.

So... Sunday the 6th also becomes a possibility... friday 4/4/8 as well. Comments?

Tags: aries, bash, birthday, calendar, calendaring

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