Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

So.. if you had to choose

I came up with one of those questions that is "The lesser of two evils"

I realize that this really won't effect everyone. Some people just don't mind this at all. So I was curious... 'if you had to pick...."

Poll #1124955 So if you had to choose... when it comes to someone singing a song

Which tends to bug you more

When someone knows the melody but gets some of the words wrong
When someone knows the words but gets some of the melody wrong

This has to do with friends singing songs that are fairly well known socially. Disney, Musical, Gaia Pixie (sic), etc.

So, flip a coin if necessary.. but try to find one. Comments on the poll and your opinions are welcome.
Tags: accuracy, fan, music, poll

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