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I sound my barbaric yalp...

... and it comes out more like a Primal Scream.

Doing some beta testing on my personal system. Translation: VERY DUMB

I managed to erase my computer address book.

Some of you may understand what that means. This is like amputating an arm for me.

If you would be so kind... In the screened comments (they won't be visible to anyone else)

Can you leave a comment with the following contacts that you'd like me to have:
Email, IM (please include which one: AIM, MSN, Yahoo, google, etc), cell number, and LJ.

EDIT I suppose, I should ask for a name to remember you by. As sometimes I won't remember who FraterSoulViceRegentChaos666 actually is.

I will try to reconstruct my address book :-/

And remember kids, always backup your data.

Thank you to the people who've already responded so quickly

Edit: Status 080118.144309 22/939 cards fixed (Down from 1091)
Tags: backup, beta

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