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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A late night plug and request...

I haven't announced it on LJ until now as there have been a tonne of other promotions.

Tomorrow evening the Amazing SkinnyWhiteChick S.J. "s00j" Tucker will be performing a house concert at the FreePeople House.

House opens at 6:30, "Venue" at 8, show at 8:30pm

Comment if you need directions.

I am posting because I'm looking for about 2-3 people I know to offer to come earlier to help with set up and some stuff around the house to make things run smoother.

So... if you want to volunteer or RSVP to come leave a comment. If you offer to help I send a return comment hopefully before 9am.

Thanks much!

See many of you tomorrow :-D

Edit: It took less than 2 hrs to get more than enough volunteers! Thanks so much!

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glitch25 and I will be there and can be there a couple hours early to help out also.

i will be more than happy to put you guys to good service ;)

lightfoote and I'll be happy to come along early to help out as needed. What time shall we descend?

5 pm would be wonderful

I really appreciate the assistance.

Re: 5 pm would be wonderful

Our pleasure! See you then then.

I think skarlett & I are coming a little early so she can do something with elocinnuala's hair... and you know I'll help with what ever you need.. do you want us to bring anything?

Snacks are welcome. I've got people already on the list to help but will be more than happy to ask favours while we're getting set up :)

(Deleted comment)

Can you elabourate on we :?)

I think with your clan we'll be full up with volunteers :)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Can you elabourate on we :?)

5pm would be best That way I get the jump on people showing up who don't know the house.

Looking forwards to seeing you.

Do you need directions or address?

No, you emailed me the address the other day. I am bringing my camera tonight if that is ok.

Do you need address or directions?

I think nascar24_48 remembers how to get there. If not, I'll give you a shout. :o)

YAY! So excited. This is me RSVPing. See you tonight.

Wow, I'm glad I saw this - Steve and I would like to be there, we need directions too. absintheskin at yahoo dot com

If you have any difficulty finding us... give a call.

I just realized we haven't RSVP'ed.

Hannah and I should be showing up shortly before 8.

Let me know if you need anything or if space has filled up.


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