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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Uh, oh. Guess I better revisit...

So, Monday I made my annual MacWorld predictions.

At that time (oh, so long ago) I said:
The iMac got its facelift, the books got theirs... It's the tower's turn. Expect HD-DVD/Blu-Ray (whichever side Apple thinks is winning) as a Build to order choice on the high end.

And then Tuesday Apple gives a relatively quiet speed bump to the MacPro towers and XServes.

So... what happened to BluRay/HD-DVD? What happened to the new form factor.

There are a couple things that could be read into this.
  • Could Apple be happy with the Tower form factor?
  • Could a new form factor not be delivering as planned?
  • Could the announcements planned for next Tuesday be so big that something had to get bumped out.

Yeah,. yeah... but what about the New DVD formats? It's possible Apple didn't get the licensing hammered out. It's possible that Apple will announce it as an add-on/external offer. (Which as an AppleTV V1 owner would be appreciated)

So... BluRay/HD-DVD may have taken a back burner. The Pro Towers may not see a face lift. But this also lifts credibility that the focus on a non-tower announcement is likely.

Or not. With Steve you never know until the Keynote is over.

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(Deleted comment)
Granted.. if they don't go dual.. it'd be one way to push a standard.

Looking back when they release the original iMac without a floppy but with USB a lot of people thought they were insane.

This also was the start of that revolution.

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