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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

It's going around

This could be fun. :-)

Please post something you think I should do or try to do in 2008. Big or small, silly or earth-changing.

In my case... all comments screened (they won't necessarily show up until I read them)

Feel free to come up with anything and tell me if you want it seen or not.

Feel free to post more than one.

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This is one thing I'm going to suggest that everybody do this year. If you care about the elections at all, and you have a candidate that you like -- doesn't matter what office, doesn't matter who, doesn't matter what party -- go out and pound the pavement for that candidate. It's essential work for any campaign, it's good exercise, and the memories and experiences of that work lasts forever.

I used to do this fairly regularly in L.A.

I had a place around the corner from my apartment. Lately it's been more of a luxury expense and I don't have a place reallly close to the house.

The Seattle winter's also aren't conducive to wearing sandals/lip flops.

But come summer, I may splurge again.

I would rather fly the plane than jump out of it.

I've also never flown (as in controlled) a plane.

go somewhere you've never been before, and spend at least a week there.

you don't have to screen this :P

I tried that with Cancun about 5 years ago.

It was a nice vacation but I wound up getting dumped while on vacation.

At some point I will take a new week's vacation somewhere new.


I use: Facebook's Cities I've visited as a guage.

Re: I tried that with Cancun about 5 years ago.

Ok, I'll give you two recomendations. One is a sight-seeing, running around going to museums etc kind of holiday, and one is a more typical kind of 'lie on the beach and relax' holiday.

1) Venice. First, it is the most romantic place ever, so even if you do get dumped while you're there, you will still have an amazing time! I have some photos here. I recommend going in the winter, as the place will smell worse in the summer due to the canals and the b.o. of the throngs of tourists. In winter you're much more likely to be able to actually see things and interact with people. I got the Rough Guide to Venice and it had some cool walking tours of churches and things, and really good advice about what to see. It would also be an amazing place to play a LARP, if you are into that sort of thing :)

2) For a more chill holiday I can recommend 'the Maya Rivera' on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula. I'm sure it's been built up since I went there as a teenager, but we used to stay here. I remember just lying on the beach for days, the snorkling is really nice. There are also lots of maya ruins within a reasonable drive so if you get bored of the beach there are always pyramids to climb :D The staff were super friendly, and they have a great beach bar. If you go, make sure you order a 'coco loco' :P

Both locations sound wonderful...

But neither sound exactly 'kid' safe.

Unfortunately, the toddler puts a wrinkle in those locations for this year.

Re: Both locations sound wonderful...

What do you mean by 'kid safe'?

I traveled with my parents when I was small. I apparently spent my first birthday in a car driving over the alps screaming my head off :P I think both places would be ok for kids, especially Akumal, but it would definitely be different than going on your own. I personally have no idea what it would be like to travel with a child, especially a young one. I'm sure accommodations definitely would have to be made in some instances, but I can't imagine it would keep you from having a good holiday.

Boring body master answer

Spend more time at Vortex - we love to have you!

Either loan or rent jnanacandra. With her consent, of course. Or maybe not. Just let me know. :D

Dye your beard so you're the man I remember from...ages ago...(THERE he is!!!) :D

I did dye it for a while...

.. but I'm going for the aged chinese master look, now. See Kill Bill Part 2 for reference

but...you're MUCH sexier with the colored beard!!! IMHO any way...

1. Braid your beard (i think it looks fine white)

2. Watch "Knocked Up" (perhaps when the little guy is asleep). Good flick!

Braid your beard

Tried it. It's still too short and coarse. Check again in about 3 years

Knocked up

Didn't look like my kind of movie. But I reallllly want to see Juno

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