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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

So... We had a party

Any comments

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Really sorry we missed it... maybe nextthis year.

Fabulous. :) I really enjoyed myself. This has been the best New Year in my life thus far.

An idea: Perhaps having the quiet room in a quiet *area* instead of right off the big basement room would work well. That's the only thing I can think of right now.

*mwah* Thank you for hosting, my friend.

'Twas a damned fine event - thank you awfully much for hosting! I quite enjoyed being the Faerie Dust applicator in particular.

Oh, I've got a mess o' pics of the goings-on, some of which're pretty darned good. Must figure out who minds having stuff posted w/their images then figure out the best way to get 'em up...

And put a secure password on it for people who were in attendance

Re: I can host them

Oh. Cool. (I'm not even really sure what that means.) How shall I get 'em to you? Mebbe wait 'til 1/12/08 and bring up my 'puter?

That'll work. I can provide a few ways that work

FTP would also work.

Re: I can host them

Um. FTP? Isn't that something you put into your car's engine to get better gas mileage? ;-p

- Tech Tyro

Another option is a filtered LJ post..I've done those in the past.

Re: I can host them

True. What'd I could do is stick 'em up on my Flickr account as PRIVATE, viewable only by link I post in a F-locked LJ post. I've done this recently for various events I've photo documented.

But why is the rum gone?

What can I say? Great party, great group of people, lovely hosts. What more can a girl want? Oh right, not having to leave...

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