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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

The captivity of the non-God fearing American's... Day 3

From CNN:

Dr. Michael Newdow, a Sacramento, California, physician with a law degree who represented himself and whose daughter attends public school in Elk Grove, said he brought the lawsuit that led to the ruling "because I am an atheist and this offends me."

Newdow said that since the ruling he has received death threats, including one left on his answering machine that said, "You're a dead man walking."

I love the self righteous who proclaim to know the word and sentiment of God and then ignore the little thing called "the Ten Commandments"

4 wolves and a lamb.

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It's all about the mentality that because the "christian" religion is the "one and only true religion" then everyone else had better believe it or else type of thinking.
This causes those of us who actually want freedom of religion not freedom of one type of religion many headaches and problems.

The masses can still try to beat us freethinking "radicals" down.

I have often said that very thing regarding the murdering of doctors who do procedures some people disagree with. There is also the Golden Rule which means we are supposed to treat others as wel would like to be treated.

I have a strong dislike for people who threaten to kill me. Maybe I need to kill them first? This is making me hungry for gyros...

I would think that God would be hella pissed at anyone who murdered or did other bad things in *his* name. If God can do anything without anyones help, its take someone out.
Not that I'm into that monotheism thing, but that is a logical conclusion methinks.

Can't we all just get along? (snicker)

Watching the reaction to this decision is many ways more interesting than reading about the decision itself.

From Slate

Merely as a matter of logic, Chatterbox disputes Supreme Court Justice William Brennan's oft-cited rationale (in Lynch v. Donnelly) that

such practices as the designation of "In God We Trust" as our national motto, or the references to God contained in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag can best be understood, in Dean Rostow's apt phrase, as a form of "ceremonial deism," protected from Establishment Clause scrutiny chiefly because they have lost through rote repetition any significant religious content.

Like Brennan, Chatterbox wishes that "under God" as recited in public schoolrooms had no "significant religious content." But the hysterical reaction to the 9th Circuit decision on the part of Christian conservatives proves this isn't so.

...not to mention the hysterical reaction of the United States Congress. Many publicly insulted the judges. Some went as far as to call for a constitutional amendment

While listening to a Forum on KQED (local public radio station show), I heard someone brought up a good point. This is a wonderful civics lesson for our children.

After thinking about this for a while, I realized that most americans are probably not interested in defending the separation of church and state, because most americans are religious. In fact, in general the majority is much less interested in protecting rights than the minority, since the majority is the majority, so they believe (wrongly or rightly) that they are at much less of a risk of having those rights violated.

The article was written by a non-Christian - who assumed that the death threats were from Christians.

The responses were written by non-Christians - who also assumed that the death threats were Christians.

I guess that Christians are the only ones with phones and fanatical belief in their "rightness" theologically. But, maybe because i'm actually a Christian I understand that we're not the only ones with our unreasonable fanatics.

It's easy to assume the enemy.

..except for namshubwriter whose post I didn't see until I posted my response.

Not sure how to read that. I assume the death threats are from Christians? I have fanatical beliefs? I'm not the enemy? ;)

Regardless of our stance on the judicial decision, we should all denouce the people making threats. Dr. Newdow was exercising his rights. He has legitimate concerns about how his daughter is being taught in school. We are a country of divided beliefs, but we should all agree that we should be able to try to change our laws or our government without violence.

I assume the death threats are from Christians?

That's my problem. They don't say anything about the particular religious leanings of the people who phoned in the death threats, the assumption was made that the people who threatened were Christian. My assertion is that "being an asshole" transcends religion.

we should all denouce the people making threats.

...rather than pointing fingers at what group is responsible for them.

Not sure how to read that.

Just figured out what you meant by that. You were not included in my statements as I was composing when you posted. No big, not meant in a hostile manner in the least :-)

Actually, I didn't state what religion the caller was, merely called them self righteous and ignoring the ten commandments. Remember one of the real crazy's on the Hill right now is the guy who was the Democratic VP candidate. (Jewish)

ignoring the ten commandments

Uh, that immediately implicates Jews and implies Christians (who are New Testament people, "Do Unto Others").

My point being that *any* assumption was made. Being an asshole is kind of universal and spans all religions.

Being an asshole is kind of universal and spans all religions.

Most definately do I agree with this. IT's the radicals of any faith that give that faith a bad name. The radical pagans go out and dance naked publically showing themselves off make us out to all be fruitcakes (while I advocate sky clad and choice... I do believe there is a place and time for said things.)

Recently in the pagan community we had a falling out because one of the "leaders" decided to publically show off his "willie" and in a very public park. There were others (non pagans) there and children there. This was very inappropriate behavior. However, because of him had the media or the church gotten a hold of this information things could have gotten way out of hand showing all pagans to be like this person.

So as I said there are "freaks" and "radicals" of all sorts out there. It's those people that give the rest of the those groups the bad names!

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