Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Thank you Prince Kermit

princekermit earlier today posted a stunningly awesome Christmas medley of which I'd learned the first half while I was at Carnegie Mellon. (Note, I didn't say attending)

It's been amazingly expanded in his version. This got me searching on YouTube for other wonderful Acapella I adore.

I thought I'd post a few that are (IMNSHO) musts.

"Looking for an Echo" - The Persuasions

"Riu Chiu" - The Monkees
That's right. And I will always be indebted to lrstrobel for this.

Also thank to lrstrobel this isn't traditional Acapella but still amazing:
"Ave Maria" - Bobby McFerrin

"Caravan of Love" - The Housemartins
While we're on a religious bend; I could talk for hours on this one. Listen for the chord ending:
"Now the children of the world can SEE. It's a better place for us to BE"

"The Longest Time" - Billy Joel

"Under the Boardwalk" - True Image vs. Rockapella
True Image loses this battle hands down.

General Promo - The GrooveBarbers
Sean Altman's group after Rockapella

"The lion sleeps tonight" - The Tokens
This is the consummate (almost)acapella piece with a stunning CGI video.

Wimoweh - Pete Seegar
the true African chant that brought the tones of Lion to the US.

"Honest Work" - Todd Rundgren
A rare live performance from Rundgren's studio album "Acapella". Phenomenal harmonies.

Oh yeah...

"Happy together" - The Nylons

That'll do for now.
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