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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Thank you Prince Kermit

princekermit earlier today posted a stunningly awesome Christmas medley of which I'd learned the first half while I was at Carnegie Mellon. (Note, I didn't say attending)

It's been amazingly expanded in his version. This got me searching on YouTube for other wonderful Acapella I adore.

I thought I'd post a few that are (IMNSHO) musts.

"Looking for an Echo" - The Persuasions

"Riu Chiu" - The Monkees
That's right. And I will always be indebted to lrstrobel for this.

Also thank to lrstrobel this isn't traditional Acapella but still amazing:
"Ave Maria" - Bobby McFerrin

"Caravan of Love" - The Housemartins
While we're on a religious bend; I could talk for hours on this one. Listen for the chord ending:
"Now the children of the world can SEE. It's a better place for us to BE"

"The Longest Time" - Billy Joel

"Under the Boardwalk" - True Image vs. Rockapella
True Image loses this battle hands down.

General Promo - The GrooveBarbers
Sean Altman's group after Rockapella

"The lion sleeps tonight" - The Tokens
This is the consummate (almost)acapella piece with a stunning CGI video.

Wimoweh - Pete Seegar
the true African chant that brought the tones of Lion to the US.

"Honest Work" - Todd Rundgren
A rare live performance from Rundgren's studio album "Acapella". Phenomenal harmonies.

Oh yeah...

"Happy together" - The Nylons

That'll do for now.

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I remember listening to Acapella with you in the studio at WEYQ. I should acquire a copy of it as I remember really liking it...nineteen years ago.

I still remember Nicolas Petreley's filks from InfoWorld years ago.

We wish you a Merry Christmas:

"We don't know what Lotus Notes is
We don't know what Lotus Notes is
We don't know what Lotus Notes is
And we use it each day!"

It came upon a midnight clear:

"It came upon a CD ROM
or 29 disks in a box
but when you load it on your machine
the OS2 Warp install locks.
The multitasking is great, they say,
but here is the fault with Big Blue:
it doesn't matter how good it is,
their marketing hasn't a clue."

I know he had some more, wish I could find them.

Title of the Song
Words and lyrics by Da Vinci's Notebook. Video is by another group of people, but they do it justice, and the comments are hysterical.

Whenever life gets you down...
An instant classic

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