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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

No, really it's more than just clicking links...

Last night I did a meme-like thing.

The meme asks you to click 17 times on Wikipedia's "Random Link" and from that gives you the name of your Band, it's album, and 15 tracks.

The fun of this little Meme is not in the randomness of listing 17 links. The fun comes when you put the story behind the album, band name, and tracks of the album.

The links... they are the actual ones I got without skipping or throwing out ones I didn't like.

The story of the band and the album. Pure midnight fabrication.

Quite a lot of fun coming up with the backstory.

The post is at: http://lordandrei.livejournal.com/582865.html
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I'm too lazy to make up the story.
Verbally perhaps, bu I'm not gonna type it ;)

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