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MemeTime: WikiMania

From a post by isomeme by way of gridlore

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

(Fill in the details if you wish)

Band: Interactive evolutionary computation

Much like King Crimson fans tried to prove their music snobbery like the Frank Zappa fans before them. IEC was an acquired taste with rabid, yet musically snooty followers. Using such instruments in concert as a Stick, a hapsichord, a lyre, an electric hardart, and a brass section; this Neo SKA cum chamber music meets skiffle reggae band had a flair for music as dramatic as their post punk Split Enz meets carpenters theatrics on stage.

Said former Oingo Boingo front man Danny Elfman of IEC's Yule '03 in Cardiff, "Dude."

Album: Helena Bergström

Rounding out their concept driven Goldbag Trilogy; (With preceding albums "Inga Åberg" and "Göran Gentele"), Helena (their 5th album) was probably their most dramatic undertaking and most under rated. While still reaching Platinum status in both the US and Japan; Helena was fraught with production issues as well as bruised egos among the band. Out of the 12 albums in the IEC discography; Helena is still considered by many to be the bands best album; if not possibly the best of the entire genre for the decade.

1. Time Life Classic Soft Rock Collection
Considered the most controversial and most mainstream, pop-oriented track. TLCSRC was a sardonic look at the music industry. The trilogy's antagonist "Bitch Mainwolf" is both named and killed in this first track.

2. Gulu
Not since "The Prisoner" nor The Beatles: "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" has so much discussion and theory and philosophical debate arisen over the content of a sampling of performed art. The song, written by lutist "Dariot Thomas Gomory" was release mere days before his untimely death from an error by an emergency room mistyping his blood after a grizzly crash on his Segway. The Dar never commented on the meaning behind the lyrics or who the hula-hoop man was meant to be.

3. Library for WWW in Perl
An all electronic instrumental. A huge departure for the band. Band Historians believe this was the song that heralded the departure of lead singer Terry "Terrible Tenor" Tericksen.

4. Bergen Prizes
A classic return to '80's Europop. Often compared to "Tesla Girls"... Compared enough that OMD sued in '04 and Both bands settled out of court for undisclosed amounts in '05.

5. Frank C. Girardot
Giradot would form the basis of the Fusion sound that the band would turn entirely to towards the end of the groups popularity. Backup singer Grick would later claim that 'sie' didn't actually perform on Giradot... but that hasn't stopped 'hir' from using it as the main song for 'hir' cover group, "The Evolutation"

6. J. J. McCarthy
A vicious attack on 70's television and the politics of the 50's McCarthy has been often vilified as the Bands desire to make U2 seem silly and shallow. The deep bass sound added by guest musician Flea is said to be the primary reason that the B-52s got back together again. The song ironically had no effect on TRHCP.

7. Magic Satchel
Used as the theme song to the PBS series, "Why am I so Tall"; many claimed that IEC sold out with this piece. Lead Guitarist and "Satchel" writer Nipsey Obata claimed that this cut wasn't supposed to be the one used for the children's show and that most people missed the rather graphic and telling sexual trauma that he tried to work thru in the song.

8. Beaver Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
This song sucks. Plain and simple. Even the band thought it sucked and refused to ever play it in concert. The band's 4th manager spent 90 days in the Cook County Jail for attempted homicide after shooting a fan at a concert with a sign pleading for the crap song to be played.

9. Corridor of Mirrors
The soft guest vocals of Vaughan Benjamin add a nigh-promethian alure to this almost cool jazz tribute.

10. Day of Al'Akbar
Few would think to put a zither, zills, a banjo, a harmonica, and a set of bag pipes into a song together. Fortunately, neither did IEC. with the whistling of the sand in the low groaning first moments of the song... You know you're in for an arabic ear-gasm.

11. Margonin
This beloved classic got its name from drummer Patsy Leonivska's 2 year old daughter trying to say "Margarine" while visiting the tour bus while in Salt Lake City during the "Åberg and Göran Together again" tour in '01.

12. Mark Wolper
The amazing missing track. A formatting error by SeaMunich Albums caused this track to be damaged on ever CD issued. Upon attempting a rerelease of the CD; the masters were destroyed. Even the band doesn't really remember how this one sounded.

13. Peggy Rosenzweig
An amazing song of teenage angst meets emo meets long hair meets "Rippy the Razor"... Popularized in the smash hit film, "Generic in High School" it became an anthem for disaffected teens for years. Shortly after recording this song Leonivska became engaged to The Dar.

14. Melrose Apartments
Believed to be influenced by the bands sudden addiction to director Kenneth Anger; Melrose is said to be the song that indisputably proved that that the band had ties to secret occult organizations. Some have suggested that the song's incredibly short 1 minute 33 second playing time may also have some occult significance.

15. Malcolm Loughead
I honestly have nothing to write about this song. The opening chords leave me kinda dry and I always skip it. "Crap it's that Malcolm Loughead song again." I mean.. I guess I really should go back and try to listen to it objectively... but.. shrug.

(Bonus CD Cut:) 16Greedy algorithm
The band's experimental mid concert piece. 1/2 zen kata like Weird Al's Yoda Chant; 1/2 performance piece like "Alice's Restaurant" This is the one that true IEC fans spend months trying to memorize to the point of word, tone, and breath perfection.
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