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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Something to Try... Inkblot Passwords

Edit: Corrected the link.

Here's an interesting take on security. Inkblot passwords.

The mechanism works this way:
You are shown 5-10 inkblots. You have to figure out what they look like. (Elephant, Sex turnip, insane marshmallow, etc.)

with each inkblot you assign two letters. The first and last of your description:
Elephant = Et
Sex Turnip = Sp
insane marshmallow = iw

The idea being:
1) no two people will see the same thing in 5+ inkblots
2) you can now devise complex gibberish passwords with an easy reminder that only you will get.

Nifty thing.. it's open ID. Which means you can log into sites like LJ with your credentials from the site. (It'd be an additional acct on LJ... but you could use it to track accts and see filtered posts.

Give it a shot over at the test site: http://www.inkblotpassword.com

It'll ask for a user name (make one up)... and you 'can' add an email.. but it's not required.

See if you can remember the password after a few days.

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This only works if you can, y'know, see. :)

Granted.. the captcha equivalent would be to create an audio equivalent of an inkblot.

Maybe random sounds or tones which you'd identify as a specific noise maker or maybe song title.

(Deleted comment)
That link doesn't work... I think its http://www.inkblotpassword.com

But quite cool!

Don't think its secure. The fact is that I think people WILL see the same think in an inkblot. I think in the Rorschach test, there are finite interpretations that are assigned meanings. A persistant hacker would be able to figure out the different possibilities...then speculate as to the names they are given an run through the permutations.

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