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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

A look out the back window

This happened in about an hour.

I like my view :)

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isnt it great?

im decorating today.

It rained most of yesterday and on and off today... that never happens here.

We had rain here on Friday... but, no snow. Los Angeles is never known for it's seasonal landscapes...:(

You need to come for the S00j concert to see the view better.

It's on the calendar and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for hosting her in your new home, I think you've got great space downstairs for house concerts. Even more so when the light returns and the weather improves, then they can be outside as part of that amazing view.

We in MN got snow last nite too....

I love how it all looks so clean and white... trees flocked.

But we end up with much to shovel... not the favourite.

I'm looking forward to moving to the mountains of NC at some point and seeing similar views in the winter. I miss snow.. We don't even get a dusting most of the winter down here.

Where's the lamppost? There oughta be a lamppost.

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