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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

FIlm Juxtapositioning

So what do you think as a double feature:

Groundhog Day
50 First Dates

hrmn. :)
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Two great tastes that taste great together :)

Sounds great, two of my favorite movies. :o)


Best double feature I've ever done was (singalong) The Graduate, followed by (even more singalong) Harold and Maude. 70s music-a-thon.

I also think "Heathers" followed by "Mean Girls" would be good.

"Fight Club" and "Beautiful Mind"

Dead Poets Society, then Good Will Hunting.

The Graduate followed by Harold and Maude...that sounds like lots of fun!

How about "Being John Malkovich", preceded by... I don't know, some other movie starring John Malkovich? ;D

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