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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I've been watching "House"

I really enjoy "House". Granted.. since watching the show I've begun to dread anything that might be considered a symptom.

Once you get sick on the show, there is an array of diagnosis while we wait for newer symptoms (that personally look impossible).. We know it's never Lupus. And eventually it comes down to something really weird.

It took me a while to even try on "House".... Similar to Doctor Who.. I'm an 'old' fan.

I remember "Fry and Laurie"... I adore the film "Peter's Friends"

And first and foremost...

This... This is the way I remember Hugh Laurie:

#2 is just beautiful for timing:

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Mmmmm...Black Adder. Thanks for the share. :)

We get our TV via DVD and I rented the first disc of season one of 'House', watched the first episode, and it was too much for me. I can only take so many medical shows before my insurance-less melon gets harshed and I need a break.


I still prefer Black Adder 2. :)

ah, the third, my favorite ... um ... where the hell is my dictionary? LOL!

I do however wish that "Goes Forth" had never been made.

Watching The Third, then watching House is so much more giggly and comforting than torturing my head by ATTEMPTING to watch Mr. Bean.

Watching Hugh Laurie play a brilliant but socially abrasive junkie after playing such an amazing buffoon? Hilarious!

I think if I tried to watch Blackadder and House back to back my head would explode. Hugh is so good an actor that I can in no way make my brain accept that the actor playing George is the same one playing Greg.

'cept, it WAS Lupus, just a couple of weeks ago. ;)

Once you get sick on the show, there is an array of diagnosis while we wait for newer symptoms

Sorta like the Winter quarter in the dorms when everyone's taking Abnormal Pych so're convinced they're (or their roomies're) insane...

Thx for posting, I LURV Blackadder and F&L in general, too.

I haven't been able to watch House for this very reason. I do love Black Adder, the whole series.

heheheh I didn't connect that he played on Black Adder. How fabulous.

House rocks...... I reallly do enjoy him in this show.

sighs. so glad I have the last episode to watch yet.

I was an early adopter and it took a few episodes for me to connect Hugh Laurie - no accent and all. The dark humor and snide arrogance is right up my alley. Cracks me up.

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